Dear Fellow Artist,

Let me invite you to a wonderful quest: to visit and paint as many protected park lands as possible –in your home state, pills the US and internationally! 

My quest grew out of my profound passion for painting and lifelong love of nature – and the intense desire to protect and preserve these precious places all over the earth. 

However, this is a small planet and a lot to cover for a single painter!  So I hope you will join me in this quest, wherever in the world you may find yourself. 

The rules of the game:  paint park places you have visited and experienced.  You can do this en-plein air or back home in your studio.  Then, donate at least 10% from the sale of each painting to the respective park.  If you dedicate a page of your website, I will place a complimentary image and link on PainttheParks for you.

And as John Muir says,  “The power of imagination makes us infinite. “ So let us use that power to paint and preserve the many beautiful parks of the world!

Yours in the Fellowship of the Paintbrush,


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