Asilomar State Beach

Freeze Out

Asilomar State Beach, Paste & Gouache, 12x16

I’ll never forget the wintery September day of painting at beautiful Asilomar State Beach.  She sure was a frosty beauty that day, beckoning me to portray her.

    • Here’s my little poem to go with the experience:
  • “Cool Beauty, powers of earth and sea.
  • Dunes shelter tender life, water offers fertile womb. Wind’s wild temper, sand’s patient strength.                                Reward those who endure.”

Of course the best view was on top, and no other would do.  Dressed like an Eskimo, I lugged my painting gear up the wooded walkway protecting vegetation.

Amazing, how painting on location can have you forget everything, even your own comfort. After a couple of hours in the frigid air, I was frozen, but happy…

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