Climbing At Devil’s Lake State Park, Wisconsin

By Peter McCoy  (Friendship, Wisconsin)

Climbing At Devil's Lake, o/c ~ Peter McCoy

Climbing At Devil’s Lake, o/c ~ Peter McCoy

Devil’s Lake State Park in the hills of Baraboo, Wisconsin, is a basin supposedly created by glacial movement long ago.

The lake itself is surrounded by quartzite rocks deposited there from the glacial activity. The park is now part of the Ice Age National Scientific Reserve, and it also contains a section of the Ice Age Trail.  It is a beautiful place and we camp there quite often. I use the area for a lot of my artistic studies.

This painting captures a Monarch butterfly that was hovering above the rocks and flora on a September day. I spotted the Monarch flying next to me as we were climbing on the west bluff. The Monarchs begin their migration south in September and this one was all alone that day. It was such a powerful memory that I had to paint it!


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  1. karin says:

    Peter ~ thank you so much for sharing this inspiring story with us! A wonderful example of the sanctuary our parks provide. We are indeed connected with all of life. Your painting is just beautiful.

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