Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I participate in

Please visit the following pages:

Artists  Collectors  Nature Lovers

2. How do you list participating artists?

Participating artists are listed according to their location, with an image of one of their paintings and a link to the Parks Paintings on their website.

See Samples:  California

3, What is considered to be a “Park?”

The idea of PaintTheParks is to visit protected park lands and paint them ~ in your home area and all around the world.. Any nature reserve set aside for conservation and public use qualifies as a “Park.” While we focus on National and State Parks worldwide, you can also paint and donate to your favorite county and city parks. We want to preserve all these precious places for future generations. Read More

4.How do I donate to Parks?

Please visit how to donate

5. How are you affiliated with participating artists?

Each artists leads their own PaintTheParks quest, and is in charge of their paintings, sales and donations.  We have no legal affiliation ~ just a painter’s creed to follow the vision and guidelines set forth by the PaintTheParks quest.

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