How to Participate

Thank you so much for considering to participate!  Supporting the parks as you sell your paintings is a wonderful win win for everyone involved: You sell more art, collectors become partners in supporting protected lands and your donation helps to preserve the parks!

Here is how to join the quest:

1. Paint the Parks

The idea of PaintTheParks is to visit protected park lands and paint them ~ in your home area and all around the world. What is a “Park?” Any nature reserve set aside for conservation and public use qualifies as a “Park.” We want to preserve these precious places for future generations.

You can paint the parks en Plein Air (on site), or in your studio. However, please only paint places you have actually visited. There is no substitute for experiencing the majesty of the out of doors, and being in nature’s temple. The energy and soul of a place has a visceral effect on your entire being.

Once you have been present in a park, walked the trails, taken in the fragrance and seen flowers up close, you will have a cellular memory of the place. Then, painting en-plein air or back home in your studio will carry the special essence, and your interpretation of this living, breathing sanctuary.

2. Post your Paintings

On your website, dedicate at least one page to your park paintings.  Then, on that page, indicate that you will donate a minimum of 10% from any sale of these park paintings to the respective non-profit Park Association, Park Foundation or Park related programs. If you offer fine art prints or cards, you can also include these products in your donation program.

In addition, please include a sentence or two on your parks page about our Quest. It is helpful to your collectors and visitors, as well as to other artists, to let them know about the idea behind Paint The Parks.

Here are examples of what other artists have done:

Barbara Hegy   Nancy Griswold   Susan Klabak    Richard Rogers    Claudia Davis   Douglas Clark

3. Sell and Donate

We will place an image and link to your parks page on PainttheParks for free, as long as you agree to donate a minimum of 10% of your park paintings sales to the respective non-profit Park Associations, Foundations or Programs.

Park Foundations or Associations are the non-profit partners of the government run parks.  These charitable groups provide educational, interpretive and conservation oriented programs to protect the parks. You can also choose to donate to specific educational, preservation or art oriented programs supporting the parks.

For more information on How to Donate, click here

For a sample of what your complimentary listing will look like click here

Your Image

When sending us a digital photo of one of your paintings, please choose one of your best ~ this is the image that will represent you on PTP.  If possible, please choose a painting in horizontal rather than vertical format – very helpful in laying out our pages.

Make sure the photo is of professional quality, and only the painting is showing (no background, frames etc).  Your image should be high resolution, no more that 450 in either dimension, and no larger than one MB.

In order to provide your link, we also need the web address of the page with your Park Paintings ~ NOT your general website address.  We want to make it easy for potential buyers to be directed to your Park Gallery.

And, we will post your home location ~ even though you may paint all over the world.  You can display all the marvelous parks you painted at in your park gallery, on your website.

Please share your stories with us ~ we love to hear about your park painting adventures, sales and donations!  And, we may feature your story and success on PaintTheParks.

To participate, click here

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