Lord of the Skies, Australia

By Richard Rogers (Australia )

Lord of the Skies, Acrylic, Richard Rogers

Painted from a photo I took of a Wedge Tailed Eagle in a large aviary at a wildlife park. This painting is being auctioned online, to raise money for the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife in Australia.

It was a sad thing to see such a great bird with so little room to fly. No aviary is big enough to house such a magnificent creature of the skies. In protecting our national parks, we are also protecting the wildlife that lives there.

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One Response to Lord of the Skies, Australia

  1. karin says:

    Richard, thank you so much for sharing this story, and your wonderful painting of this mighty bird! Yes, having these majestic creatures in captivity is a challenging issue. Being able to see them raises awareness and appreciation, yet it is sad they cannot soar in the skies. So appreciate you supporting the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife in Australia!

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