Nature Lovers

Tuolomne Meadows, try Yosemite National Park

We encourage you to visit as many parks as possible ~ hike, enjoy, preserve! Countless sanctuaries close by and worldwide are yours to discover.  Nothing nurtures body and spirit like being immersed in nature.

As John Muir says so eloquently:

“The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.”

And please bring your children! I am so grateful to my parents who instilled a love of nature in me early on.  It is for the future generations that we are protecting these sanctuaries

There are many resources on this site, to add to your enjoyment.  Please also browse through our park galleries  and visit the websites of participating artists.  In addition to precious originals, you can also purchase fine art prints and cards, while donating to the parks, and helping with their preservation.

Here are many parks and adventures for you to explore:

US National Parks     US State Parks    International Parks

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