On Collecting Art

Many buyers feel unsure about what is “good art” and are hesitant to trust their preferences.  My recommendation is that you let the painting move you ~ purchase art you love, sick and want to look at every day.  A work of art is meant to enhance your home and life ~ not just decoratively, viagra but emotionally as well.  Do you feel uplifted, happy, excited when you look at the painting?  Does the painting evoke memories of favorite places and experiences, can you “travel” into the artwork, and does it let you daydream?

Original art becomes a heirloom that is often passed from generation to generation.  In our times of mass production, artwork that is painted on site of a nature reserve or in the studio is one of a kind.  The original carries the energy of the artist and soul of place in a way a reproduction can’t.

When considering the price of a painting, remember you are not only purchasing a precious original, but also benefiting from the many hours the artist carefully crafted this piece. You are receiving the product of their years of experience and expertise, the time they took to travel to parks, often enduring the many challenges of the out-of-doors while following their passion of painting.

Purchasing art is an investment, and more on pare with carefully selection furniture and other long-term purchases, rather than simple decorations.

Tips on Collecting Art  BROWSE PAINTINGS

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