Point Lobos State Reserve

Soulful Sanctuary, o/c, 30x30

To Preserve Point Lobos State Reserve for future generations is dear to my heart.  This beautiful California park is a precious jewel of the central coast, and one of my all time favorite places to paint. Countless artists before me have stood at these awesome vistas.  Landscape artist Francis McComas called this wildly beautiful sanctuary “The greatest meeting of land and water in the world.”

Graceful Pine, 12x16, Plein Air

Point Lobos is gorgeous any time of day, yet late afternoon light is my favorite.  “Graceful Pine” stems from such a lovely time.  Being an outcropping into the ocean, this rocky shore is often cool and windy – or at times outright hot.  However, for this plein air adventure the conditions were just right – which is kind of like hitting the jackpot of painting outside!

This spot is located above Whaler’s Cove, on a less traveled trail, among lichen covered pine trees.  The light through these trees is just lovley, and I’ll have to go back for another painting of that.  I always think I will paint the dreamy trees, yet then the emerald and saphire colored ocean seduces my painter’s eye…sigh!

Gray Whales at Sunset

Point Lobos Sunset, o/c, 12x24

Between December and April our coastline is blessed by the migration of the majestic gray whales.  During that time you can often spot their spouts close to the shore.  No matter how often I witness this spectacle, it is always breathtaking.  On a gorgeous late afternoon, I schlepped my pianting gear out to the tip by Cypress Grove for a fabulous view towards China Cove.  It wasn’t long before I spotted the first whale spouts, and all throughout my painting session, park visitors marveled excitedly about the whales – what a backdrop to painting!  I felt so blissful to be there… though I lost the light before too long, and finished “Point Lobos Sunset” in my studio.

China Cove Carribean Colors

California Dreaming, o/c, 18x24

First time visitors to China Cove are often incredulous of the turquoise color of the water over white sands, reminiscent of the Caribbean sea.  Often frequented by sea otters, this is an especially idyllic spot.

China Cove Afternoon, o/c, 11×14

“China Cove Afternoon” I painted right on site, taking in the fragrance of cypress and pine tress, as well as the background bark of the sea lions, and the gentle breeze (at least on that fortunate afternoon).

“California Dreaming” is a studio painting, composed from many plein air sketches and memories of this magical sanctuary.

Additional Point Lobos Paintings

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