Surprise on the Big Sur Coast

View from Rocky Creek Bridge

Another day in paradise…painting plein air at the Big Sur Coast on a sunny Autumn day. 7 of us seized a stunning morning at the Rocky Creek Bridge parking lot with an awesome view.

Chinese National TV Crew

Wouldn’t you have guessed it — just as we got ready to pack up, Chinese National TV Beijing shows up!  You just never know what is going to happen when you are out there painting… they filmed a couple of us painting for an educational travel program, and who knows, we might be on Chinese TV! Maybe the program will end up here?

Four Painters, One Car, One Day

After our morning adventure, and a much needed break we headed to Point Lobos for more glorious painting time… some of us were hot in the morning, and freezing in the shade in the afternoon ~ the eternal challenge of the Plein Air Delight!

Bathed in Sun, Pt. Lobos ~ Karin H. Leonard

Two of us schlepped all of our stuff way out beyond the far point of Cypress Grove, for some awesome vistas.  While the rocks and water were bathed in golden autumn light,  we were freezing in the shade.  The heat of the morning was long forgotten ~ too hot or too cold, the eternal challenge of the Plein Air Delight! Yet the timeless beauty of Point Lobos worked its spell…until we were frozen solid – almost that is….

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