US State Parks

Graceful Pine Point Lobos

The United States provides 6,624 state park units, with 278 in California alone.  A lot of territory to cover for us painters, endless inspiration awaits!

The wonderful idea of state parks was imagined by Stephen T. Mather, who founded of the National Park Service.

Niagara Falls State Park in New York ~  established in 1885 ~ is often quoted as the oldest US state park.

State parks are parks or other protected areas managed by each state. They are similar to national parks, yet often smaller.  State recreation areas, state beaches, and state nature reserves , as well as long-distance trails and historic sites, are often included in this system.

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Astonishing US State Parks Numbers

( from the National Association of State Park Directors  ):

  • 6,624 US state park units
  • 725 + million state park visitors per year
  • 64% of park visitors with children
  • 41,725 miles of trails
  • 7,161 cabins and lodges
  • 207,063 campsites
  • $20 billion + economic impact on communities

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