Windy Day at Taos Cliffs

By Gerri Lois Bradford  (Longmont, CO)

Taos Cliffs, Oil ~ Gerri Bradford

Taos Cliffs, Oil ~ Gerri Bradford

The Taos Cliffs depicted in this painting were in the Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument Valley which was dedicated by Barack Obama in March 2013.

The area is a wild, beautiful, and dramatic landscape of prairies, cliffs and gorges.  Most painters would probably paint the Taos pueblo area or Rio Grande Gorge, but being a rock nut (me) I couldn’t wait to paint the cliffs.

It was a very cold and quite windy day in September.  Perhaps, if I ever get back to Taos, I would opt for the Rio Grande River on a sunny, warm spring/summer day! What a glorious place in the Universe!

Note: Gerri is an amazing, inspiring artist who still goes plein air painting in her eighties.  She is passionate about protecting our parks, and says:  “I am 82 years young and will paint until the Universe calls me home!”

Backyard Poppies, oil ~ Gerri Bradford

Backyard Poppies, oil ~ Gerri Bradford

Both paintings pictured will be exhibited in the 28th Annual Women’s History Month Art Exhibition at the Cultural Art Council Fine Art Gallery in Estes Park, Colorado March 7-April 5, 2015.  Backyard Poppies was selected to be on the cover for the brochure.

Sounds like these poppies share Gerri’s adventurous spirit: “These poppies originally grew on the other side of the fence, but “jumped”to this side of the fence.  Wherever they grow, they are beautiful!”

Both paintings are for sale: Taos Cliffs, 10×8 Oil/Canvas $400.00;  Backyard Poppies,14×18 Oil/ Canvas $600.00

Email Gerri for more paintings and info: gl.bradford at

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