Worldwide Projects Supporting Parks

The idea of PaintTheParks is to contribute to preservation of our precious park lands everywhere.  Participating artists donate a minimum of 10% to preserve our wild treasures.  In addition to the great work Park Associations and Foundations are doing, prostate there are many wonderful programs protecting parks, needing our help.

Adopt a Ranger Program

One of these projects is the Adopt a Ranger ProgramNational Parks and reserves everywhere need custodians to take care and protect these precious lands.  Typically, that work is done by Park Rangers.

However, there are many places in the world that can not afford to hire rangers. According to the Adopt A Ranger Foundation about 150,000 rangers are needed worldwide for the protected areas in developing and transitions countries. Probably less than half of these places have any rangers at all, and those that have them are at least 50% short.

According to Adopt a Ranger this ranger deficit is one of the most limiting factors in effectively protecting nature in 75% of the world. Adopt a Ranger contributes to solving this problem by fund raising to finance rangers in the field. It will also help governments in developing and transition countries to assess realistic staffing needs and staffing strategies.

By donating to Adopt a Ranger you can:

  1. Raise money for “your own park ranger” in your favorite national park;
  2. Offset your carbon emissions;
  3. Help save millions of plant and animal species;
  4. Protect nature and help rural communities at the same time;

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