Yellowstone National Park Adventures

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  • Yellowstone Falls, Artist's Point, o/c, 6x8

  • On our first trip to Yellowstone National Park, my husband and I were completely in awe of the wild beauty, sheer power and immensity of America’s First National Park.  Peering into Yellowstone’s many openings into the heart of the earth, is like a visit to another world.
  • How I wished I could have stayed for a month to paint…alas, at least I had my ever-present 6×8 Guerilla Paintbox with me!  So I snuck in a couple quick paintings, between hiking, exploring and jaw dropping.
  • One morning I got up early, and drove to Artist’s Point (ha, with a name like that, how could I resist!) along the breathtaking Yellowstone Falls.  Here, I shared a bench with another early riser, as I painted the divine play of mornig light kissing the majestic view.  I felt humbled by the scene, and the presence of so many artists before me. A studio painting of these fantastic falls is sure to follow…
  • Old Faithful, o/c, 6x8


  • Another place I just couldn’t resist was the super popular Old Faithful.  We spent the night at the lovely Old Faithful Lodge, and in the morning, my fortefying steaming mug of tea (one of these days I’ll write an ode to this divine beverage…) in hand, I secured a spot on the viewing deck of the lodge, and waited for the magic moment.
  • Meaning, while streams of people took their seat on the bleachers,  I sketched in everything BUT the geat event.  And when it happened, it was as awe inspiring as every time before… moving that paint brush at lightening speed, I captured what I could…
  • Ferdinand, Yellow Stone NP, o/c, 8x10

    Back home, still under the spell of this magnificent park, I did a couple more quick studies:

  • Ferdinand was the buffalo, who was grazing right in the path of one of our hikes.  Knowing how these prehistoric creatures feel about peaceful meals, we respectfully walked a big bow around him…not before taking a couple great pics though!
  • Yellowstone NP, Lower Falls, o/c, 8x10

    Exploring the many pathways around the grand Yellowstone Falls, I was struck by this view.

Yellowstone is probably the busiest park I have ever been to, and with good reason.  However, I am not bothered by the crowds…to be sharing these awesome places with people from all over the world is akin to a spiritual experience.  Yellowstone, we love you, and we are sure to be back…and many paintings and stories are sure to follow!

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  1. Suzanne says:

    I have read and enjoyed your stories from Yellowstone. Makes me want to go back again, even after 5 visits already. I love your small sketches – so fresh and immediate – truly from the heart. Looking forward to reading more about your travels as they happen. Keep on Questing!

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