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Windy Day at Taos Cliff’s

By Gerri Lois Bradford  (Longmont, CO)

Taos Cliffs, Oil ~ Gerri Bradford

Taos Cliffs, Oil ~ Gerri Bradford

The Taos Cliffs depicted in this painting were in the Rio Grande Del Norte National Monument Valley which was dedicated by Barack Obama in March 2013. The area is a wild, beautiful, and dramatic… Read More




Refuge ~ Crane’s Beach, Massachusetts

By Lisa Regopoulos  (Fitchburg, MA)

Refuge, Pastel~ Lisa Regopoulos

Refuge, Pastel~ Lisa Regopoulos

“Refuge”, is a pastel painting that was inspired by a trip to Crane’s Beach in Ipswich, MA. The title, “Refuge” has a dual meaning.  These dunes are among the world’s most important nesting sites for…Read More


Alaska – Kenai Fjords National Park

By Suzanne Elliott   (Santa Cruz, CA)

Seward Glacier, o/c ~ Sue Elliott

One of the least visited National Parks must be Fjords National Park in  Alaska.  It is located on the tip of the Kenai Peninsula in South West Alaska.  To access this National Park you have to get there by sea.  The closest town  and access point is the port of Seward which is about 120 miles South of Anchorage…Read More

Climbing At Devil’s Lake State Park, Wisconsin

By Peter McCoy (Friendship, Wisconsin )

Climbing At Devil's Lake, o/c ~ Peter McCoy

Climbing At Devil’s Lake, o/c ~ Peter McCoy

Devil’s Lake State Park in Baraboo, Wisconsin. Devil’s Lake itself is basically a basin surrounded by bluffs.The bluffs are made up of quartzite rocks and boulders that were supposedly deposited there many many years ago from glacier movement during the ice age. The park is now part of the Ice Age National Scientific Reserve, and it also contains a section of the Ice Age Trail…                                                Read More


Conserve, Don’t Destroy!

By Aleada Siragusa (Mimbres, New Mexico)

Carlsbad Caverns by Aleada Siragusa

In July 2010 we went to Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. I have always wanted to visit these caves as a child, being a dedicated Rock Hound I was mesmerized by these limestone wonders.These are greater to me than the Cathedrals’ in Europe, being natural and God made and thankfully, so well preserved. They just may be the most beautiful and greatest limestone caves in the world, the main cavern is 8 football fields of majesty…Read More

Lord of the Skies

By Richard Rogers (Australia )

Lord Of The Skies

Lord of the Skies, Acrylic on Canvas,
Richard Rogers

Painted from a photo I took of a Wedge Tailed Eagle in a large aviary at a wildlife park. This painting is being auctioned online, to raise money for the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife in Australia. It was a sad thing …Read More


Paint the Parks and Bear Boxes

By Joy Collier, Porterville, California

Bear in Sequoia ~ Joy Collier, California

Bear in Sequoia ~ Joy Collier, California

When I first started painting in Sequoia National Park my friend Holly and I camped for a week and painted. It was delightful but it made it abundantly clear the purpose of the Bear Boxes in the campsites. Every night after we had retired you could hear the bears banging around… Read More

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